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Hi, my name is Monika Gunkel, I am the head of the StruBiTEM facility. I am your contact person for all questions regarding the facility. My core business is running the EM facility and help you to realize your project. 


I would be happy to discuss, assist and teach you all aspects concerning sample praparation and electron microscopy, for cryo as well as for room temperature samples. 

It would be a pleasure for me to plan and discuss your project with you and help you to make it a success.  



Hello, my name is Elmar Behrmann and I am the scientific director of the StruBiTEM platform.


My main role is to ensure the successful integration of the platform into the scientific community in Cologne. My background is in classical biochemistry, which I studied in Bielefeld. A diploma thesis in the lab of Reinhard Jahn at the MPI for Biophysical Chemistry brought me into contact with biophysics and various optical tools. For my PhD, I joined the group of Stefan Raunser at the MPI for Molecular Physiology, where I developed methods for electron microscopy that allowed me to image the muscle motor with unprecedented precision using cryo-electron microscopy. I then refined these approaches during a PostDoc in the group of Christian Spahn at the Institute of Medical Physics and Biophysics in Berlin. A Freigeist Fellowship from the VolkswagenFoundation subsequently allowed me to establish my own junior research group at the research center caesar in Bonn. Since the end of 2017, I am Professor of Structural Biochemistry at the Institute of Biochemistry in Cologne.

Technical Assistant

Hi, my name is Alexandra Schneider and I'm part of the StruBiTEM facility and the Structural Biochemistry group of Elmar Behrmann. Since 2018 I'm working as a technical assistant at the University of Cologne. Before moving to Cologne I was joining Elmar Behrmann's group at the research center caesar in Bonn.  I'll support you in regards of sample preparation like negative staining and plunge freezing. Additionally I can help you with basic TEM operations.