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How to access StruBiTEM

If you want to start working with the StruBiTEM facility please contact the facility manager directly or write an email to the general StruBiTEM facility contact address



Level 1 projects

Projects without preliminary cryo-electron microscopy data. 


Are you interested in using cryo-EM for your project but you do not have any experience or you do not know how to get started? Then just contact us. 

Please fill in as many information as you can into the project proposal form. Send it to 

Contact the facility manager for an initial project discussion where we will evaluate your project and give you advice how to proceed. 

Level 2 Projekte

Projekte, bei denen vorläufige (kryo-)elektronenmikroskopische Daten vorhanden sind. 

Sie haben bereits Erfahrung in der Elektronenmikroskopie, vielleicht haben Sie Negativfärbebilder/Datensätze oder bereits Kryo-EM-Bilder? Nun wollen Sie den Schritt zur hochauflösenden Datenerfassung gehen?

Bitte tragen Sie so viele Informationen wie möglich in das Projektvorschlagsformular ein. Senden Sie es an 

Lesen und unterschreiben Sie die Nutzungsvereinbarung der StruBiTEM-Anlage (lassen Sie sie auch von Ihrem Betreuer unterschreiben). Schicken Sie sie an

Kontaktieren Sie den Einrichtungsleiter für eine Projektbesprechung. Wir werden gemeinsam mit Ihnen Ihr Projekt bewerten und das weitere Vorgehen besprechen. 

Alle Projekte der Stufen 2 und 3 werden zusätzlich alle 3 Monate von einem Projektleseausschuss bewertet.


Level 3 projects

Level 3 projects: Projects were preliminary cryo-electron microscopy data are present and pre-screened samples are available


You have cryo EM grids ready for data acquisition and want to apply for a data acquisition slot?

Please fill in as many information as you can into the project proposal form. Send it to 

Read and sign (also let your supervisor sign) the user agreement of the StruBiTEM facility. Send it to

Contact the facility manager, we will discuss with you how to proceed. 

All projects level 2 and 3 will be evaluated additionally by a Project Reading Committe every 3 month. 



Project Reading Committee

Soon the StruBiTEM facility will be at capacity and measurement time on the Krios microscope will become a limiting factor. 


In order to use this resource fairly and wisely, we have established a Project Reading Committee. This committee will evaluate and rank all project proposals for the following quarter according to scientific and organizational criteria.  This ranking will determine which projects will receive measurement time at Krios in the next quarter. 

We are very pleased to have the following members join the committee: 
Prof. Ulrich Baumann (University of Cologne, Biochemistry)
Prof. Elmar Behrmann (University of Cologne, Biochemistry)
Dr. Oliver Hofnagel (MPI for Molecular Physiology, Dortmund)
Dr. Thorsten Mielke (MPI for Molecular Genetics, Berlin)
Dr. Simon Pöpsel (University of Cologne, CMMC)
Prof. Günter Schwarz (University of Cologne, Biochemistry)

As long as the capacity of the Facility is not fully occupied, all projects will be executed.