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Invitation User Forum 2024

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Cryo EM User Forum 2023

The 5th Cryo-EM User Forum was again a great, well-rounded event. There were great lectures, many scientific discussions and lively exchange between various working groups and EM interested people.


program Cryo EM User Forum 2023


ThermoFisher Workshop "Beyond the Beam: Using Cryo-EM"

On 26 May, we had the company ThermoFisher as guests, who organised a workshop on Cryo-EM. The topic was the new Tundra microscope, which should make it easier for cryo-EM beginners to get started. The other topic was tomography. With about 30 participants from Cologne, Bonn, Essen, Jülich and Münster, among others, the workshop was well attended. Besides lectures and a life remote demo of the Tundra microscope, this workshop was a nice get-together of the cryo-EM community around Kön.


LifeScienceNet Düsseldorf


Cryo-EM User Forum 2022

The Cryo-EM User Meeting 2022 was very successful, there were great talks, interesting posters, many discussions and a lot of space to get to know each other. With 25 participants it was the best attended so far. With participants from the University of Cologne, CECAD Cologne, the University of Bonn, Ernst Ruska Center Jülich and MPI for Plant Breeding the audience was well mixed and there was a lot of exchange of experiences and networking. Thanks to all participants for your contribution to this event. 



Cryo-EM user forum 2022

This year the annual user meeting of the StruBiTEM Facility will finally take place in person again. On 17 and 18.10 all active users or those who want to become one will meet for a 2-day event with presentations, discussion rounds and plenty of space for networking.


Cryo-EM user forum 2022 program


Open-door day StruBiTEM Facility

At the 29.9.2021 the doors of the StruBiTEM facility were open and everybody who is interested was cordially invited to visit the facility.



Many interested people were here over the day and had a look into the microscope rooms and the operator room. Vivid discussions about what will be done, what could be done and what would be nice to do in the facility made the day a success!

Thank you all for your participation and your interest in our facility!

2nd Cryo-EM lunch meeting


1st Cryo-EM lunch meeting